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Great Campaign Management

Ensuring your campaign is delivered on time in the correct way it was  designed to be delivered, is an art in itself.

Why is this process so important? The nature of a well thought out marketing campaign is to release the correct information at the right time, usually in a specified order.

Here's a breakdown of a buyers journey-

Stage 1. - The Need -

Using subliminal messages to generate a buyer need for a product/service.

Example: - Smelling food and discovering that you are hungry.

Stage 2. - The Want -

Seeing news boards / banner ads or videos showing the joy or benefits of a product/service.

Example: - Seeing people eating food, laughing and having a good time makes the consumer imagine themselves in this scenario.

Stage 3. - The Who -

Targeted advertising showing consumers your brand & product or service.

Example: - Noticing an ad board with a perfectly prepared burger with your logo ('Cor' Made Burgers ) and tag line (We take care of your taste buds)

Stage 4. - The Where -

Ads showing consumers where to purchase your products / services.

Example: - Finding signs pointing to 'Cor' Made Burgers' with a tag line "follow your taste buds".

Stage 5. - The Convincer -

Using Social Advertising and Search reviews to establish trust in your products / services.

Example: - Seeing posts from friends eating at 'Cor Made Burgers' with a headline "Amazing burgers"

Stage 6. - The Purchase !!

While this is an elementary example of a structured campaign, it highlights the importance of executing a campaign in the correct way it was intended, proving that the structure of a campaign is as important as the campaign itself.

At Altorum, we ensure that every campaign is carried out, paying particular attention to the road map that we create for you. From focus groups to surveys, we ensure that your target demographic is given the correct information at the right time; this gives the greatest chance of a return on your investment.

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