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How To Organise a Successful Marketing Campaign?

There are six steps involved in this process

1. Brainstorming

The first step is to carry out a brainstorming session to identify key themes, concepts and targets for the campaign. The people with the best ideas should be brought together at the beginning of this session so that they can contribute their very best thoughts before they are even put to paper. Building on ideas is easy once the best ones have been captured, but it's very hard if one is starting from scratch.

2. Creative Campaign Planning

The next step is to set up a creative brief that outlines the main themes, targets and concepts for the campaign to follow. At this stage it's also necessary to consider ways in which these ideas can be easily communicated through media outlets such as website banners or social platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter.

3. Campaign Design Concepts

Once all of this groundwork has been laid it's time to develop some initial creative concepts around the agreed themes and targets for the campaign. The guidelines given here should indicate how much creative freedom each team member has when working on his or her concepts. If everyone needs sign-off from the department head on every idea it will have a stifling effect on the output.

4. Content Creation

The next step is to flesh out some of these concepts into advertising content for mass media, digital marketing or paid ads. At this stage, it's important to build up a bank of adverts that are easily adaptable for different media outlets that are being utilised as part of the campaign.

Not all advertisements need to be made at the same time so long as they can be quickly adapted to suit whatever platform they're played on. This enables an organisation with multiple media avenues to make use of them, without having to re-invent the wheel each time a new platforms come along.

More often than not advertising agencies will already have pre-built digital marketing frameworks that they can adapt incredibly quickly. With this in mind, there's really no excuse for an organisation not to make the most of all these options, unless they'd rather go it alone and be faced with a mountain of work at a later date.

5. Marketing Campaign Finalised

The next step is to finalise the ideas and marketing concepts that can be feasibly executed. By now it should be possible to choose a favoured concept and begin working on the necessary artwork and copywriting for this campaign. If there are any images or videos involved, they must also be acquired at this stage before anyone moves on to the next phase of the campaign process.

6. Marketing Campaign Launch

Next, comes market research, which will help everyone fine-tune their marketing efforts as well as identify new areas for exploration in future projects. This will involve user testing as well as general market research, such as comparative analyses with competitors' products and services.

It's important not to lose sight of what went into making your integrated marketing campaign a success and even if a campaign doesn't perform as well as it could have done, there will still be plenty that can be learned from it. While the creative process is about ingenuity and spontaneity, campaign evaluation is all about discipline.

Altorum can help your marketing campaigns.

If you're looking for a digital marketing agency that is experienced and passionate about all forms of media, for your next marketing campaign, we at Altorum would like to be of service. Our team members have a wide variety of skills and backgrounds across the creative spectrum, ensuring that your brand gets the exposure needed to reach your target audience.

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly produce high-quality concepts and marketing activities, often in as little as 48 hours if necessary. We also recognise how important it is that these marketing campaigns are managed efficiently so we can provide fast responses to any queries that might come up during the campaign planning process, while still maintaining the highest possible standards at every stage. For more information or to speak with a marketing professional, go to our contact us page.

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