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what is UX / UI Development?

User Experience (UX)

The user experience when approaching a new web project is something all should pay special attention to. Much like a mint on a pillow at the Marriott or a greeting at the door of Harrods, these small and seemingly insignificant details can leave a lasting impact when thinking about the journey of your website users, and is something that will help set you apart from your competition.

We approach this at Altorum by carefully assessing our clients' target demographic and their fundamental values. Understanding the psyche of your users is integral when understanding the best way to display information regarding your product or service. To overcomplicate this buying process will leave your site dead in the water. While ensuring a user's journey is smooth, informative and memorable will leave a lasting impression when it comes to selling your products or services.

User Interface (UI)

When consulting with our clients, we aim to understand all processes needed in the operation of their business. This allows us to offer deliverables that will support our clients in their operations; an example could be creating a website that will enable users to log repairs and get an instant quote to book your services. 

Allowing users to upload photos and book a call out date for said works straight from your website. Adding all new bookings straight to your diary, saving you on average one day per week on calls and viewings or even just offering a free call back at a time that suits your user.

To sum up, many considerations go into deciding what direction to take your website. At Altorum, we will sit and discuss all of these variables with you to determine the best route for you and your consumers.

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