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Web Development

We create bespoke websites for our clients, catering to their customers' needs.

Focusing on 5 core elements of a consumer's journey: - Content - Design - Story & Journey - Usability - Memorability. With these five key elements of web development in mind, we at Altorum work closely with clients to ensure their vision is polished to perfection and exquisitely executed while retaining the core focus on consumer needs.
We like to spend time understanding our clients. Your companies core values, beliefs and Unique Selling Points (USP) should be mirrored on the website, and this ensures our clients and their consumers have the best understanding of one another.

Web development five key elements - explained:


- Written content

Ensuring that your content is well-considered and original is a must. However, what is also really important here is understanding the psychographics of your target audience. The provided content should be easily understood and ideally generate calls for action. It must also outcompete the competition, boosting your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) score and resulting in more hits from all significant internet search platforms. See also SEO

We can work with you on this. If required, we have some of the best corporate copywriters in the business available at our disposal.

- Visual Content

As important as written content for a website is, the same could be said about the visual content chosen to represent your brand across the online sphere.
Making good use of old photos from a company's early days, of your company's charitable giving campaigns can generate a great perspective to your consumers and aid in positive feelings towards your brand.
Ensuring product images are professionally taken and with a suitable backdrop will help your consumers in their creative reasoning when deciding whether or not to purchase your goods or services.


Have you ever had a favourite cup? Why was it your favourite? Chances are this is due to hours of product design, testing and running focus groups to discover what a target demographic is looking for in a cup. This design process when it comes to understanding your consumer is quite important, and in website design, it is no different. As a company, we at Altorum follow this same structure when it comes to our design process for a client. From mood boards to spider charts, focus groups to AB testing, we ensure our clients' designs sit well in their consumers' hands.

Story & Journey

While some might think that these items should be separate when it comes to marketing, these are two sides to the same coin and should be treated as such. Much like a sound commercial website should take your consumers on a journey. For example, when you speak with a consumer for the first time, you wouldn't start with: buy this now. It is about layers, or as we like to call them, "stories", and the "journey" is the road map created to guide your consumers through those layers. The idea here is to ensure that your website is acting as a consultant for your services, not a salesman.


As many already know, how functional your website makes all the difference to the users' experience, where before you had roughly 15 -20 seconds to impress a potential consumer to keep reading through your site these days, you have around 7-10 seconds.

But what makes up the usability spectrum? Well, firstly, accessibility. At Altorum we believe in equal rights and that websites creators should also consider the needs of those with disabilities, ensuring all internet users have equal access. This means pictures have a considerate description of what the image depicts, all heading tags being in the order of priority. These are just a few examples of approaches website owners should consider.

Other noteworthy examples are ensuring your site has a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification to ensure users aren't vulnerable to malicious attacks, especially important on e-commerce sites and pages requiring users to submit personal or credit card information.

Paying attention to file sizes, as 70% of web users are now using mobile devices on the go, meaning slow load speeds will negatively impact user experience. See also UX/UI


When it comes to differentiating your website from your competitors, thinking outside the box will ensure you leave a lasting impression on your prospective consumers. But how?

Delivering value without immediately expecting a return when users visit your site is just one way out of many to achieve this. Remember, most users will do their research before purchasing goods or services. This could mean a user could visit your site 2, 3 or 4 times before they decide that your brand is the one for them. See also Campaign Management

Other Key benefits

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- CMS for our Webflow customers -

- Fast website load speeds -


Our Marketing experts are here to help you find the best tools to reach your marketing and sales goals.

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